Company Financial Statements

  • Original files with data between 2017-2021
  • More than 390k polish companies in database
  • Public official, legal financial data

Financial database

Public official, legal entity data All our data comes from primary public sources, meaning you can rely on it.

  • Full database available for polish companies
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Monitored and updated every day

Updates every day



GB of data

Use case

Our financial data is foundational to creating a trusted business environment by helping solve challenges.
Integrate business decision-making data into everything your company does.

Business Verification

Verify a company is genuine, confirm its registered details, address and legal status

Financial Performance

Full financials let you understand if a company is growing and financially stable

Increase Operational Efficiency

Open format for bulk data processing and automate most manual decision-making

Manage Risk

Operate with confidence knowing that you are adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention by verifying the information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All files are downloaded from orignal repository of financial statements for polish companies.

  • All files contains financial data for years between 2017 and 2021. New files are added every day to keep database up to date.

  • You can download archive with files for few companies. Click here

  • All files uploaded for official repository of financial statements for polish companies. There is no processed custom reports which contains part of data. Files are in various formats, it depends of format selected by companies. Download sample archive to check files for few companies

  • Yes, we are legal company registered in Poland, after transaction you will get an invoice.

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